What makes us unique:
Convincing success criteria for the marketing of exclusive real estate in Munich.

The heritage

No. 1

Since 1744 Sotheby's unites collectors of first class works of art. This tradition lives from the cooperation between auction house and luxury real estate specialists, representing the rich history and the refinement of our brand on the global markets.

Reason No. 1

The brand

No. 2

Sotheby’s is a unique brand, which is immediately associated with quality, service and expertise for exceptional valueable objects. This superior positioning allows us to get in contact with a wealthy target group – anytime and worldwide.

another reason

The people

No. 3

Our employees and partners contribute to our success every day. Our team has a longterm experience and is guided by the premise of fully meeting our customers's requirements.

the third reason for Sotheby's

Our network

No. 4

Sotheby's International Realty is connected worldwide – with more than 1,000 branches and more than 23,000 real estate agents.

you won't find a bigger network - Reason 4

Our marketing

No. 5

Sotheby's International Realty has an excellent market positioning and a unique reputation – national as well as international.

Targeted marketing - Reason No. 5

The range

No. 6

With the exceptional brand and the high-class network we achieve an uncomparable range for qualified buyers of luxury real estate. Your property can be marketed worldwide.

Optimal range - Reason No. 6

Our standards

No. 7

We are obligated to the highest standards regarding the presentation of your property as well as the personal counselling of our customers.

Real estate marketing par excellence - Reason No. 7

Our Service

No. 8

We are famous for the special Sotheby's International Realty service quality. When you are enthusiastic, we are content.

Without the best service - there would be no reason number 8

Our record of success

No. 9

Munich Sotheby's International Realty could realise an impressive success story over the last years and has finalised numerous significant sales.

For our track record - there's reason number 9

Our experience

No. 10

The Sotheby's brand has grown for centuries. For more than 20 years Munich Sotheby's International Realty has been successfully established in the Bavarian capital.

Last but not Least - No. 10 - our experience

Have we convinced you?